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話し合う hanashiau diskutovatgodan, leda1, verb, vtrans
役に立てる yakunitateru být užitečnýichidan, jlpt3, verb
文通する buntsuusuru dopisovat sileda1, suru, verb
歩む ayumu jít, chodit, šlapatgodan, leda1, verb, vintrans
熱中 necchuu nadšení, horlivost, zápaljlpt3, suru, verb
匹敵する hittekisuru vyrovnat se (něčemu, někomu)leda1, verb
歩き回る arukimawaru obcházetgodan, leda1, verb
引用する in'yousuru pítleda1, suru, verb
起立する kiritsusuru postavit se, zvednout seleda1, suru, verb
聞き分ける kikiwakeru rozlišit poslechemichidan, leda1, verb, vtrans
建立する konryuusuru vystavět, založit (chrám...)kami, leda1, suru, verb
立ち止まる tachidomaru zastavit se (náhle)godan, leda1, verb
立ち入る tachiiru vstupovat, vměšovat segodan, leda1, verb, vintrans
口止めする kuchidomesuru umlčetleda1, suru, verb
記入する kinyuusuru zapsat (se), zaznamenatleda1, suru, verb
当てる ateru narazit (něčím)ichidan, jlpt3, leda1, verb, vtrans
変わる kawaru změnit (se), být změněngodan, jlpt3, jlpt4, verb, vintrans, vtrans
休まる yasumaru odpočinout sileda1, verb, vintrans
走り回る hashirimawaru obíhatgodan, leda1, verb, vintrans
休める yasumeru moci si odpočinout, nechat odpočinout, uklidnitichidan, leda1, verb, vtrans
化かす bakasu začarovat, očarovat, proměnitgodan, leda1, verb, vtrans
実行する jikkousuru vykonat, provéstleda1, suru, verb
来たす kitasu zapříčinit, přivodit (újmu)godan, leda1, verb, vtrans
偽る itsuwaru napodobovat, falšovatverb, vintrans
学ぶ manabu učit segakkou, godan, leda1, verb
加わる kuwawaru přidat se, připojit se, zúčastnit severb
零す kobosu rozlít (něco)jlpt3, verb, vintrans
転校する tenkousuru přejít do jiné školy, změnit školugakkou, leda1, suru, verb
空ける akeru vyprázdnit (láhev)ichidan, jlpt3, leda1, verb, vtrans
使い古す tsukaifurusu opotřebovat (nošením)godan, leda1, verb, vtrans
広まる hiromaru šířit se, rozšířit segodan, jlpt3, leda1, verb, vintrans
広める hiromeru šířit (něco), rozšiřovat (něco)ichidan, jlpt3, leda1, verb, vtrans
広がる hirogaru šířit se, rozprostírat segodan, jlpt3, leda1, verb, vintrans
広げる hirogeru rozprostřít (látku), roztáhnout (křídla, ruce), rozšířit (území)ichidan, jlpt3, leda1, verb, vtrans
工作する kousakusuru stavět, budovatleda1, suru, verb
思い遣る omoiyaru mít soucit, vcítit segodan, leda1, verb
食らう kurau jíst, žrát (nespisovné, mužská japonština)godan, leda1, verb, vtrans
思い付く omoitsuku vzpomenout si, dostat nápadgodan, leda1, verb
区切る kugiru rozdělovat, rozčleňovatgodan, leda1, verb, vtrans
きれいにする kireinisuru uklidit, porovnatsuru, verb
思考する shikousuru vážit, promýšlet, zvažovatleda1, suru, verb
外す hazusu vyjmout, sundat, uvolnitgodan, jlpt3, leda1, verb, vtrans
代わる kawaru nahradit (někoho)godan, jlpt3, leda1, verb, vintrans
外れる hazureru odchýlit se, rozepnout se, vysmeknout seichidan, jlpt3, leda1, verb, vintrans
外出する gaishutsusuru vyjít si, jít venleda1, suru, verb
食う kuu jíst, žrát (nespisovné, mužská japonština)godan, leda1, verb, vtrans
高まる takamaru zvyšovat se, růstgodan, jlpt3, leda1, verb, vintrans
高める takameru zvýšitichidan, jlpt3, leda1, verb, vtrans
明ける akeru skončit (období dešťů), začít (nový rok), svítatichidan, jlpt3, leda1, verb, vtrans
明く aku být otevřený, zeti prázdnotougodan, leda1, verb, vintrans
明かす akasu prozradit, odhalitgodan, leda1, verb, vtrans
合わす awasu spojovat se, slučovat segodan, leda1, verb, vtrans
合わせる awaseru sloučit, spojit, dát dohromadyichidan, jlpt3, leda1, verb, vtrans
印す shirusu (1)(arch) to leave (a mark, trace, etc.), to print, to stamp, (2)to show a sign (i.e. an omen) godan, verb, vtrans
排す haisu (1)(arch) to push aside, to overcome (e.g. difficulties), to reject, (2)to align, to put in order, (3)to push open godan, verb, vtrans
賜う tamau (1)(arch) to receive, (2)to grant, to bestow, to award, (3)(male) semi-polite or endearing auxiliary verb indicating reception by the speaker (suffixed to the -masu stem of another verb) godan, verb
召す mesu (1)(hon) to call, to invite, to send for, to summon, (2)to eat, to drink, (3)to put on, to wear, (4)to ride, (5)to catch (a cold), to take (a bath), to tickle (one's fancy), to put on (years), to godan, verb, vtrans
承る uketamawaru (1)(hum) to hear, to be told, to know, (2)to receive (order), to undertake, to comply, to take (a reservation, etc.) godan, verb, vtrans
頂く itadaku (1)(hum) to receive, to get, to accept, to take, to buy, (2)(hum) (pol) to eat, to drink, (3)to be crowned with, to wear (on one's head), to have (on top), (4)to have (as one's leader), to live un godan, verb, vtrans
イメージ ime-ji (1)(one's) image, (2)(comp) (computer) image, (3)artist's impression jlpt3, suru, verb
出来る dekiru (1)(uk) to be able (in a position) to do, to be up to the task, (2)to be ready, to be completed, (3)to be made, to be built, (4)to be good at, to be permitted (to do), (5)to become intimate, to t ichidan, jlpt3, verb, vintrans
痩せる yaseru (1)(uk) to become thin, to lose weight, to reduce (one's) weight, to slim, (2)to be barren, to be infertile, to be sterile ichidan, verb, vintrans
成る naru (1)(uk) to become, to get, to grow, to be, to reach, to attain, (2)to result in, to prove to be, (3)to consist of, to be composed of, (4)to succeed, to be complete, (5)to change into, to be excha godan, verb, vintrans
填まる hamaru (1)(uk) to fit, to get into, to go into, (2)(uk) to be fit for (a job, etc.), to be suited for, to satisfy (conditions), (3)(uk) to fall into, to plunge into, to get stuck, to get caught, (4)(uk) godan, verb, vintrans
舐める nameru (1)(uk) to lick, (2)to taste, (3)to experience (esp. a hardship), (4)to make fun of, to make light of, to put down, to treat with contempt ichidan, verb, vtrans
溺れる oboreru (1)(uk) to nearly drown, to sink below the surface (of water), (2)to indulge in, to lose one's head over something ichidan, verb, vintrans
開ける hadakeru (1)(uk) to open, to bare, to expose, (2)to stretch ichidan, verb, vintrans, vtrans
貰う morau (1)(uk) to receive, to take, to accept, (2)to get somebody to do something (follows a verb in "te" form) godan, verb, vtrans
掻く kaku (1)(uk) to scratch, (2)to perspire, (3)to shovel, to paddle godan, jlpt3, verb, vtrans
utsuwa (1)bowl, vessel, container, (2)ability, capacity, calibre, caliber godan, ichidan, verb, vtrans
省く habuku (1)ministry, department, (2)province (of China), (n-pref) (3)saving, conserving godan, verb, vtrans
略す ryakusu (1)to abbreviate, to omit, (2)to take, to capture godan, verb, vtrans
果たす hatasu (1)to accomplish, to achieve, to carry out, to fulfill, to fulfil, to realize, to execute, to perform, to do, (suf,v5s) (2)to do ... completely, to do ... entirely godan, verb, vtrans
採る toru (1)to adopt (measure, proposal), (2)to pick (e.g. fruit), to catch (e.g. insects), to take (e.g. a sample), (3)to assume (attitude), (4)to take on (i.e. hire), to engage godan, verb, vtrans
干す hosu (1)to air, to dry, to desiccate, (2)to drain (off), (3)to drink up, (4)to deprive of a role, job, etc. (usu. in the passive) godan, verb, vtrans
現れる arawareru (1)to appear, to come in sight, to become visible, to come out, to embody, to materialize, to materialise, (2)to be expressed (e.g. emotions), to become apparent (e.g. trends, effects) ichidan, jlpt3, verb, vintrans
表われる arawareru (1)to appear, to come in sight, to become visible, to come out, to embody, to materialize, to materialise, (2)to be expressed (e.g. emotions), to become apparent (e.g. trends, effects) ichidan, jlpt3, verb, vintrans
迫る semaru (1)to approach, to draw near, to be imminent, (v5r,vt) (2)to press (someone for something), to urge, to compel godan, verb, vintrans
近づく chikaduku (1)to approach, to draw near, to get close, (2)to get acquainted with, to get closer to, to get to know godan, jlpt3, verb, vintrans
到る itaru (1)to arrive at (e.g. a decision), to reach (a stage), to attain, (2)to lead to (a place), to get to, (3)(arch) to come, to arrive, to result in godan, verb, vintrans
問う tou (1)to ask/to question/to inquire/ (2)to charge (i.e. with a crime)/to accuse/ (3)to care (about)/ (4)without regard to (with negative verb)/(P) godan, leda1, verb, vtrans
付き合う tsukiau (1)to associate with, to keep company with, to go out with, to go steady with, to get on with, (2)to go along with, to follow someone's lead, to accompany someone, to compromise godan, jlpt3, verb, vintrans
拝む ogamu (1)to assume the posture of praying, to press the palms and fingers of both hands together, to do reverence (e.g. before a statue of the Buddha), to pay one's respects, (2)to beg, to make a supplica godan, verb, vtrans
付ける tsukeru (1)to attach, to join, to add, to append, to affix, to stick, to glue, to fasten, to sew on, to apply (ointment), (2)to furnish (a house with), (3)to wear, to put on, (4)to keep a diary, to make a ichidan, jlpt3, verb, vtrans
襲う osou (1)to attack, to assail, to make an assault, to strike, to hunt down, (2)to succeed (someone in a post, role, etc.), (3)to make a sudden visit godan, verb, vtrans
避ける sakeru (1)to avoid (situation), (v1) (2)to ward off, to avert; (3)to avoid (physical contact with), (v1) (4)to ward off, to avert ichidan, verb, vtrans
避ける yokeru (1)to avoid (situation), (v1) (2)to ward off, to avert; (3)to avoid (physical contact with), (v1) (4)to ward off, to avert ichidan, verb, vtrans
覚ます samasu (1)to awaken, (2)to disabuse, (3)to sober up godan, jlpt3, verb, vtrans
関わる kakawaru (1)to be affected, to be influenced, (2)to be concerned with, to have to do with, (3)to stick to (opinions) godan, verb, vintrans
詰まる tsumaru (1)to be blocked, to be packed, (2)to hit the ball near the handle of the bat (baseball) godan, jlpt3, verb, vintrans
捕まる tsukamaru (1)to be caught, to be arrested, (2)(uk) to hold on to, to grasp, (3)(uk) to find (e.g. proof), to get (e.g. a taxi), (4)(uk) to be detained by godan, jlpt3, verb, vintrans
欠ける kakeru (1)to be chipped/to be damaged/to be broken/ (2)to be lacking/to be missing/ (3)to be insufficient/to be short/to be deficient/to be negligent toward/ (4)(of the moon) to wane/to go into eclipse/(P) ichidan, verb, vintrans
混む komu (1)to be crowded, to be packed, (2)to be complex godan, verb, vintrans
効く kiku (1)to be effective, to show effect, (2)to do its work, to carry out its function well, (3)to be possible to use godan, jlpt3, verb, vintrans
利く kiku (1)to be effective, to show effect, (2)to do its work, to carry out its function well, (3)to be possible to use godan, verb, vintrans
惜しむ oshimu (1)to be frugal, to be sparing, (2)to value, to hold dear, (3)to regret (e.g. a loss), to feel sorry (for), (4)to be unwilling, to be reluctant godan, verb, vtrans
満ちる michiru (1)to be full, (2)to wax (e.g. moon), (3)to rise (e.g. tide), (4)to mature, to expire ichidan, verb, vintrans
満つ mitsu (1)to be full, (2)to wax (e.g. moon), (3)to rise (e.g. tide), (4)to mature, to expire godan, verb, vintrans
備わる sonawaru (1)to be furnished with, to be endowed with, (2)to be among, to be one of, to be possessed of godan, verb, vintrans
怠ける namakeru (1)to be idle, to slacken, (v1,vt) (2)to neglect (e.g. one's work) ichidan, verb, vintrans
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