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被る koumuru (1)to wear (on head, usu. one's own), to put on (over head, usu. one's own), to crown (oneself), (2)to pour or dash water, dust, etc. (on oneself), (3)to bear (e.g. someone's debts, faults, etc.), godan, verb, vtrans
被る kaburu (1)to wear (on head, usu. one's own), to put on (over head, usu. one's own), to crown (oneself), (2)to pour or dash water, dust, etc. (on oneself), (3)to bear (e.g. someone's debts, faults, etc.), godan, verb, vtrans
帯びる obiru (1)to wear (sword, decoration, etc.), to carry, (2)to be entrusted (e.g. with a mission), to take on, (3)to have a trace of, to be tinged with ichidan, verb, vtrans
振り回す furimawasu (1)to wield, to brandish, to flourish, to wave (about), to swing, (2)to display (one's knowledge), to show off, (3)to abuse (one's power), (4)to manipulate someone godan, verb, vtrans
務める tsutomeru (1)to work (for), to be employed (at), to serve (in), (2)to serve (as), to act (as), to fill (the position of), to play the role (of), (3)to conduct a religious service ichidan, verb, vtrans
傷つける kizutsukeru (1)to wound, to injure, (2)to hurt someone's feelings (pride, etc.), (3)to damage, to chip, to scratch ichidan, verb, vtrans
止す yosu (after the -masu stem of a verb) to stop in the midst of, to leave undone; to cease, to abolish, to resign, to give upgodan, verb, vtrans
存じる zonjiru (hum) to think, feel, consider, know, etc.ichidan, verb
おいでになる oideninaru (respectful) to begodan, jlpt4, verb
妬む sonemu; sonemu; netamu (uk) to be jealous of, to envy, to begrudge; to be jealous, to be envious; (uk) to be jealous of, to envy, to begrudgegodan, verb, vtrans
繋がる tsunagaru (uk) to be tied together, to be connected to, to be related togodan, jlpt3, verb, vintrans
齎す motarasu (uk) to bring, to take, to bring aboutgodan, verb
踞る uzukumaru (uk) to crouch, to squat, to cowergodan, verb, vintrans
摘む tsumu (uk) to pinch, to hold, to pick up; to pluck, to pick, to trimgodan, verb, vtrans
企む takuramu (uk) to scheme, to plan, to play a trick, to invent, to conspire, to frame upgodan, verb, vtrans
嘲る azakeru (uk) to scoff, to laugh at, to make fun of, to ridicule, to jeer atgodan, verb, vtrans
罹る kakaru (uk) to suffer fromgodan, verb
しゃべる shaberu (uk) to talk, to chat, to chattergodan, verb, vintrans
喋る shaberu (uk) to talk, to chat, to chattergodan, verb, vintrans
苛める ijimeru (uk) to tease, to torment, to persecute, to chastiseichidan, jlpt3, verb, vtrans
繋ぐ tsunagu (uk) to tie, to fasten, to connect, to transfer (phone call)godan, jlpt3, verb, vtrans
認める mitomeru (1)to recognize, to recognise, to appreciate, (2)to observe, to notice, (3)to admit, to approve ichidan, verb, vtrans
近付く chikazuku; chikaduku (1)to approach, to draw near, to get close, (2)to get acquainted with, to get closer to, to get to know; (3)to approach, to draw near, to get close, (4)to get acquainted with, to get clos godan, verb, vintrans
然る shikaru a particulargodan, jlpt4, verb
注意する chuuisuru advise, pay attentionjlpt4, suru, verb
申し込む moushikomu apply forgodan, jlpt3, verb, vtrans
聞こえる kikoeru audible, can hearichidan, jlpt4, leda1, verb, vintrans
ございます gozaimasu bejlpt4, verb
できる dekiru be able to, be ready, be good at, to occurichidan, jlpt5, verb
飽きる akiru be boredemo, ichidan, jlpt3, verb, vintrans
壊れる kowareru be brokenichidan, jlpt3, jlpt4, verb, vintrans
焼ける yakeru be burnedichidan, jlpt3, jlpt4, verb, vintrans
込む komu be crowdedgodan, jlpt3, jlpt4, verb, vintrans
決まる kimaru be decidedgodan, jlpt3, jlpt4, verb, vintrans
喜ぶ yorokobu be delightedgodan, jlpt4, verb, vintrans
割り切れる warikireru be divisibleichidan, math, verb
たりる tariru be enoughichidan, jlpt4, verb
見つかる mitsukaru be foundgodan, jlpt3, jlpt4, verb, vintrans
おる oru be here (polite)godan, jlpt4, verb
間に合う maniau be in timegodan, jlpt3, jlpt4, verb
つく tsuku be lit, catch firegodan, jlpt4, verb
無くなる nakunaru be lostgodan, jlpt3, jlpt4, verb, vintrans
直る naoru be repairedgodan, jlpt3, jlpt4, verb, vintrans
零れる koboreru be spilled, shed tearsichidan, jlpt3, verb, vtrans
晴れる hareru be sunny, clear away, stop rainingichidan, jlpt5, tenki, verb, vintrans
困る komaru be troubled, be worried, be botheredgodan, jlpt5, verb, vintrans
分かる wakaru be understoodgodan, jlpt5, verb, vintrans
原因 gen'in cause/origin/sourcejlpt3, jlpt4, leda1, suru, verb
回収する kaishuusuru collection/recovery/withdrawal/retrieval/(P)leda1, suru, verb
正解 seikai correct/right/correct interpretation (answer, solution)/(P)suru, verb
好奇心猫を殺す koukishinnekowokorosu curiosity killed the catgodan, verb
死守する shishusuru defending to the last/defending desperatelyleda1, suru, verb
割る waru dividegodan, jlpt3, math, verb, vtrans
割る waru divisionmath, verb, vtrans
予想 yosou expectation/anticipation/prediction/forecast/conjecture/(P)adj, jlpt3, leda1, suru, verb
倒れる taoreru fall over, collapseichidan, jlpt3, jlpt4, verb, vintrans
合う au fit, suit, be correct, to matchgodan, jlpt3, jlpt4, leda1, verb, vintrans
けがする kegasuru injury, get hurt, be injuredbyouki, jlpt4, suru, verb
紹介する shoukaisuru introducejlpt4, suru, verb
病気で寝る byoukideneru lie in bed due to illnessbyouki, ichidan, verb
伯仲する hakuchuusuru matching someone/being equal with/being on a par/being well contested/(P)leda1, suru, verb
暗記する ankisuru memorizesuru, verb
引く hiku minus, to pull, to draw, to play (string instr.)godan, jlpt3, jlpt5, verb, vintrans, vtrans
伸びる nobiru (1)to make progress, to grow (beard, body height), (2)to grow stale (soba), (3)to be straightened, to be flattened, to be smoothed ichidan, jlpt3, verb, vintrans
剥ける mukeru peel offjlpt3, verb, vintrans
休憩 kyuukei rest/break/recess/intermissionjlpt3, suru, verb
帰宅 kitaku returning homejlpt3, suru, verb
切り捨てる kirisuteru round downichidan, math, verb, vtrans
切り上げる kiriageru round upichidan, math, verb, vtrans
nen sense, idea, thought, feeling, desire, concern, attention, caregodan, suru, verb, vtrans
超伝導 choudendou superconductivity, super-conductivityichidan, suru, verb, vtrans
薬を飲む kusuriwonomu take medicinebyouki, godan, verb
語る kataru talk, tellgodan, verb, vtrans
他言する tagonsuru telling others/revealing to others/letting out a secretleda1, suru, verb
見かける mikakeru to (happen to) see, to notice, to catch sight ofichidan, jlpt3, verb, vtrans
減らす herasu to abate, to decrease, to diminish, to shortengodan, jlpt3, verb, vtrans
弱まる yowamaru to abate/to weaken/to be emaciated/to be dejected/to be perplexed/(P)godan, jlpt3, verb, vintrans
伴う tomonau to accompany, to bring with, to be accompanied by, to be involved in, to be consequent upongodan, verb, vintrans
遂げる togeru to accomplish, to achieve, to carry outichidan, verb, vtrans
慣らす narasu to accustomgodan, jlpt3, verb, vtrans
付け加える tsukekuwaeru to add one thing to anotherichidan, verb, vtrans
諭す satosu to admonish, to persuade, to warn, to remonstrategodan, verb, vtrans
進める susumeru to advance, to promote, to hastenichidan, jlpt3, verb, vtrans
老ける fukeru to age, to grow oldichidan, verb, vintrans
老いる oiru to age, to grow oldichidan, verb, vintrans
目ざす mezasu to aim at, to have an eye ongodan, verb, vtrans
目差す mezasu to aim at, to have an eye ongodan, verb, vtrans
目指す mezasu to aim at, to have an eye ongodan, verb, vtrans
電話に出る denwanideru to answer the phoneichidan, verb
答える kotaeru to answer, to replyichidan, jlpt5, leda1, verb, vintrans
謝る ayamaru to apologizegodan, jlpt4, verb
載る noru to appear (in print), to be recorded, to be found in (a dictionary)godan, jlpt3, verb, vintrans
出る deru to appear, to come forth, to leaveichidan, jlpt5, verb, vintrans
着く tsuku to arrive at, to reachgodan, jlpt5, verb
確かめる tashikameru to ascertain, to check, to make sureichidan, jlpt3, verb, vtrans
お聞き頂く okikiitadaku to ask (politely)godan, verb
攻める semeru to attack, to assaultichidan, verb, vtrans
自殺を図る jisatsuwohakaru to attempt suicidegodan, verb
試す tamesu to attempt, to test, to try outgodan, jlpt3, verb, vtrans
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