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投げる nageru to throwichidan, jlpt4, verb, vtrans
棄てる suteru to throw away, to cast aside, to abandon, to resign, to break up with (someone)ichidan, verb, vtrans
放り出す houridasu to throw out, to fire, to expel, to give up, to abandon, to neglectgodan, verb, vtrans
片付ける katadukeru to tidy upichidan, jlpt3, jlpt4, verb, vtrans
締める shimeru to tieichidan, jlpt5, verb, vtrans
繋げる tsunageru to tie, to fasten, to connect, to transfer (phone call)ichidan, jlpt3, verb, vtrans
訳す yakusu to translate/to interpret/(P)godan, jlpt3, verb, vtrans
騙す damasu to trick, to cheat, to deceivegodan, jlpt3, verb, vtrans
試みる kokoromiru to try, to testichidan, verb, vtrans
振り返る furikaeru to turn head, to look over one's shoulder, to turn around, to look backgodan, verb, vintrans
つける tsukeru to turn onichidan, jlpt5, verb
かける kakeru to turn on, to dial (phone)ichidan, jlpt5, verb
振り向く furimuku to turn one's face, to turn around, to look over one's shouldergodan, verb
捲る mekuru to turn over/to turn pages of a book/to tear off/to strip off/(P)godan, jlpt3, verb, vtrans
灯りを消す akariwokesu to turn the lights offgodan, verb
向ける mukeru to turn towards/to point/(P)ichidan, jlpt3, leda1, verb, vtrans
促す unagasu to urge, to press, to prompt, to suggest, to demand, to stimulate, to quicken, to incite, to invite (attention to)godan, verb, vtrans
用いる mochiiru to use, to make use of, to utilize, to utiliseichidan, verb, vtrans
眺める nagameru to view, to gaze atichidan, verb, vtrans
訪ねる tazuneru to visitichidan, jlpt3, jlpt4, verb, vtrans
伺う ukagau to visit, to askgodan, jlpt4, verb, vtrans
吐き出す hakidasu to vomit, to spit outgodan, verb, vtrans
投票する touhyousuru to votesuru, verb
待つ matsu to waitgodan, jlpt5, verb, vintrans, vtrans
起す okosu to wakegodan, jlpt4, verb, vtrans
目覚める mezameru to wake upichidan, verb
歩く aruku to walkgodan, jlpt5, leda1, verb, vintrans
暖まる atatamaru to warm oneself, to sun oneself, to warm up, to get warmgodan, jlpt3, verb, vintrans
温まる atatamaru to warm oneself, to sun oneself, to warm up, to get warmgodan, jlpt3, verb, vintrans
暖める atatameru to warm, to heatichidan, jlpt3, verb, vtrans
温める atatameru to warm, to heatwater)ichidan, jlpt3, verb, vtrans
反る soru (1)to bend (backward)/(P) godan, leda1, verb, vintrans
洗う arau to washgodan, jlpt5, verb, vtrans
弱める yowameru to weaken/(P)ichidan, jlpt3, verb, vtrans
はく haku to wear, put on (a sword)fuku, godan, jlpt5, verb
着る kiru to wear, put on (from shoulders down)fuku, ichidan, jlpt5, verb
濡らす nurasu to wet, to soak, to dipgodan, jlpt3, verb, vtrans
勝つ katsu to wingodan, jlpt4, sport, verb, vintrans
巻く maku to wind, to coil, to rollgodan, jlpt3, verb, vtrans
拭き取る fukitoru to wipe off/to wipe upgodan, verb, vtrans
引き出す hikidasu to withdrawgodan, jlpt4, verb, vtrans
働く hataraku to work, to labor, to actgodan, jlpt5, verb, vintrans
心配する shinpaisuru to worryjlpt4, suru, verb
包む tsutsumu to wrap, to packgodan, jlpt3, jlpt4, verb, vtrans
書く kaku to writegodan, jlpt5, leda1, verb, vtrans
記す shirusu to write down, to note, to remembergodan, verb
書き直す kakinaosu to write out/to make a fair copy/to rewrite/(P)godan, verb, vtrans
吐く haku vomitbyouki, godan, verb, vtrans
洗い場 araiba washing placegodan, verb, vintrans
拭く fuku wipejlpt3, verb
赤色に染まった布 akaironisomattanuno Látka sfarbená na červeno.godan, verb, vintrans
猿も木から落ちる sarumokikaraochiru even monkeys fall from trees, anyone can make a mistake, pride comes before a fall, even Homer sometimes nodsichidan, verb
言葉に詰まる kotobanitsumaru to be at a loss for wordsgodan, verb
火に油を注ぐ hiniaburawososogu to make things worse, to stir things up, lit: to add fuel to the firegodan, verb
神を敬う kamiwouyamau to revere Godgodan, verb
危ない橋を渡る abunaihashiwowataru to tread on thin ice (lit: to cross a dangerous bridge), to go out on a limb, to walk a tightrope, to take risksgodan, verb
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