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空ける akeru vyprázdnit (láhev)ichidan, jlpt3, leda1, verb, vtrans
明かす akasu prozradit, odhalitgodan, leda1, verb, vtrans
使い古す cukaifurusu opotřebovat (nošením)godan, leda1, verb, vtrans
合わす awasu spojovat se, slučovat segodan, leda1, verb, vtrans
広める hiromeru šířit (něco), rozšiřovat (něco)ichidan, jlpt3, leda1, verb, vtrans
広げる hirogeru rozprostřít (látku), roztáhnout (křídla, ruce), rozšířit (území)ichidan, jlpt3, leda1, verb, vtrans
合わせる awaseru sloučit, spojit, dát dohromadyichidan, jlpt3, leda1, verb, vtrans
話し合う hanašiau diskutovatgodan, leda1, verb, vtrans
食う kuu jíst, žrát (nespisovné, mužská japonština)godan, leda1, verb, vtrans
聞き分ける kikiwakeru rozlišit poslechemichidan, leda1, verb, vtrans
食らう kurau jíst, žrát (nespisovné, mužská japonština)godan, leda1, verb, vtrans
当てる ateru narazit (něčím)ichidan, jlpt3, leda1, verb, vtrans
区切る kugiru rozdělovat, rozčleňovatgodan, leda1, verb, vtrans
化かす bakasu začarovat, očarovat, proměnitgodan, leda1, verb, vtrans
変わる kawaru změnit (se), být změněngodan, jlpt3, jlpt4, verb, vintrans, vtrans
外す hazusu vyjmout, sundat, uvolnitgodan, jlpt3, leda1, verb, vtrans
高める takameru zvýšitichidan, jlpt3, leda1, verb, vtrans
明ける akeru skončit (období dešťů), začít (nový rok), svítatichidan, jlpt3, leda1, verb, vtrans
休める jasumeru moci si odpočinout, nechat odpočinout, uklidnitichidan, leda1, verb, vtrans
来たす kitasu zapříčinit, přivodit (újmu)godan, leda1, verb, vtrans
印す širusu (1)(arch) to leave (a mark, trace, etc.), to print, to stamp, (2)to show a sign (i.e. an omen) godan, verb, vtrans
排す haisu (1)(arch) to push aside, to overcome (e.g. difficulties), to reject, (2)to align, to put in order, (3)to push open godan, verb, vtrans
召す mesu (1)(hon) to call, to invite, to send for, to summon, (2)to eat, to drink, (3)to put on, to wear, (4)to ride, (5)to catch (a cold), to take (a bath), to tickle (one's fancy), to put on (years), to godan, verb, vtrans
承る uketamawaru (1)(hum) to hear, to be told, to know, (2)to receive (order), to undertake, to comply, to take (a reservation, etc.) godan, verb, vtrans
頂く itadaku (1)(hum) to receive, to get, to accept, to take, to buy, (2)(hum) (pol) to eat, to drink, (3)to be crowned with, to wear (on one's head), to have (on top), (4)to have (as one's leader), to live un godan, verb, vtrans
舐める nameru (1)(uk) to lick, (2)to taste, (3)to experience (esp. a hardship), (4)to make fun of, to make light of, to put down, to treat with contempt ichidan, verb, vtrans
開ける hadakeru (1)(uk) to open, to bare, to expose, (2)to stretch ichidan, verb, vintrans, vtrans
貰う morau (1)(uk) to receive, to take, to accept, (2)to get somebody to do something (follows a verb in "te" form) godan, verb, vtrans
掻く kaku (1)(uk) to scratch, (2)to perspire, (3)to shovel, to paddle godan, jlpt3, verb, vtrans
ucuwa (1)bowl, vessel, container, (2)ability, capacity, calibre, caliber godan, ichidan, verb, vtrans
省く habuku (1)ministry, department, (2)province (of China), (n-pref) (3)saving, conserving godan, verb, vtrans
略す rjakusu (1)to abbreviate, to omit, (2)to take, to capture godan, verb, vtrans
果たす hatasu (1)to accomplish, to achieve, to carry out, to fulfill, to fulfil, to realize, to execute, to perform, to do, (suf,v5s) (2)to do ... completely, to do ... entirely godan, verb, vtrans
採る toru (1)to adopt (measure, proposal), (2)to pick (e.g. fruit), to catch (e.g. insects), to take (e.g. a sample), (3)to assume (attitude), (4)to take on (i.e. hire), to engage godan, verb, vtrans
干す hosu (1)to air, to dry, to desiccate, (2)to drain (off), (3)to drink up, (4)to deprive of a role, job, etc. (usu. in the passive) godan, verb, vtrans
問う tou (1)to ask/to question/to inquire/ (2)to charge (i.e. with a crime)/to accuse/ (3)to care (about)/ (4)without regard to (with negative verb)/(P) godan, leda1, verb, vtrans
拝む ogamu (1)to assume the posture of praying, to press the palms and fingers of both hands together, to do reverence (e.g. before a statue of the Buddha), to pay one's respects, (2)to beg, to make a supplica godan, verb, vtrans
付ける cukeru (1)to attach, to join, to add, to append, to affix, to stick, to glue, to fasten, to sew on, to apply (ointment), (2)to furnish (a house with), (3)to wear, to put on, (4)to keep a diary, to make a ichidan, jlpt3, verb, vtrans
襲う osou (1)to attack, to assail, to make an assault, to strike, to hunt down, (2)to succeed (someone in a post, role, etc.), (3)to make a sudden visit godan, verb, vtrans
避ける sakeru (1)to avoid (situation), (v1) (2)to ward off, to avert; (3)to avoid (physical contact with), (v1) (4)to ward off, to avert ichidan, verb, vtrans
避ける jokeru (1)to avoid (situation), (v1) (2)to ward off, to avert; (3)to avoid (physical contact with), (v1) (4)to ward off, to avert ichidan, verb, vtrans
覚ます samasu (1)to awaken, (2)to disabuse, (3)to sober up godan, jlpt3, verb, vtrans
惜しむ ošimu (1)to be frugal, to be sparing, (2)to value, to hold dear, (3)to regret (e.g. a loss), to feel sorry (for), (4)to be unwilling, to be reluctant godan, verb, vtrans
耐える taeru (1)to bear, to stand, to endure, to put up with, (v1,vi) (2)to support, to withstand, to resist, to brave, (3)to be fit for, to be equal to ichidan, verb, vintrans, vtrans
堪える taeru (1)to bear, to stand, to endure, to put up with; (2)to bear, to stand, to endure, to put up with; (3)to bear, to stand, to endure, to put up with, (v1,vi) (4)to support, to withstand, to resist, t ichidan, verb, vintrans, vtrans
振る舞う furumau (1)to behave, to conduct oneself, (2)to entertain, to treat someone (to a drink), to make tea for someone (tea ceremony) godan, verb, vtrans
噛む kamu (1)to bite, to chew, to gnaw, (2)to fumble or falter with one's words godan, verb, vtrans
吹き飛ばす fukitobasu (1)to blow away, to blow off, to blow up, (2)to dispel, to drive away, (3)to talk big godan, verb, vtrans
成す nasu (1)to build up, to establish, (2)to form, to become (a state), (3)to accomplish, to achieve, to succeed in, (4)to change into, (5)to do, to perform, (aux-v) (6)(arch) to intend to, to attempt, t godan, verb, vtrans
埋める umeru (1)to bury (e.g. in the ground), (2)to fill up (e.g. audience fills a hall), to fill (a seat, a vacant position), (3)to plug gaps, to stop a gap, (4)to make amends, to cover up for something, (5) ichidan, jlpt3, verb, vtrans
改める aratameru (1)to change, to alter, to revise, to replace, (2)to reform, to correct, to mend, to improve, (3)to examine, to check, to inspect, (4)to do properly, to do formally ichidan, verb, vtrans
移す ucusu (1)to change, to swap, to substitute, to transfer, (2)to change the object of one's interest or focus, (3)to spend or take time, (4)to infect, (5)to permeate something with the smell or colour of godan, jlpt3, verb, vtrans
追う ou (1)to chase, to run after, to pursue, (2)to follow (i.e. a set order, a trend), (3)to drive out, to oust, to expel, (4)to drive (i.e. a herd), (5)(in passive voice) to be pressed (for time, etc.) godan, verb, vtrans
揃える soroeru (1)to collect, to gather, to get together, to complete (a collection), (2)to arrange, to put in order, to prepare, to get ready, (3)to make uniform, to make even, to match ichidan, jlpt3, verb, vtrans
纏める matomeru (1)to collect, to put (it all) together, to integrate, to consolidate, to unify, (2)to summarize, to aggregate, (3)to bring to a conclusion, to finalize, to settle, to put in order, (4)to establis ichidan, jlpt3, verb, vtrans
寄せる joseru (1)to come near/to let someone approach/ (2)to collect/to gather/to receive/ (3)to add/ (4)to put aside/(P) ichidan, jlpt3, verb, vtrans
取れる toreru (1)to come off/to be removed/ (2)(of pain, a fever, etc.) to disappear/ (3)to be caught/to be harvested/ (4)to be interpreted (as)/to be taken as/ (5)(of balance, etc.) to be attained/ (6)to be obtai ichidan, verb, vintrans, vtrans
犯す okasu (1)to commit (e.g. crime), to perpetrate, (2)to transgress, to contravene, (3)to violate, to ravish, to rape, to deflower godan, verb, vtrans
競る seru (1)to compete, (2)to bid, (3)to sell at auction godan, verb, vtrans
成り立つ naritacu (1)to consist of, (2)to be practical (logical, feasible, viable), to be concluded, to hold true godan, verb, vintrans, vtrans
含む fukumu (1)to contain, to comprise, to have, to hold, to include, to embrace, (2)to hold in the mouth, (3)to bear in mind, to understand, to harbor (grudge, etc.), to harbour, (4)to express (emotion, etc. godan, jlpt3, verb, vtrans
冷やす hijasu (1)to cool (from room temperature), to chill, to refrigerate, (2)to calm down, to cool off, to regain one's composure, to relax, (3)to be frightened (at), to be scared (of) godan, jlpt3, verb, vtrans
生み出す umidasu (1)to create, to bring forth, to produce, (2)to invent, to think up and bring into being, (3)to give birth to, to bear godan, verb, vtrans
押し出す ošidasu (1)to crowd out, to push out, to squeeze out, (2)to start together, to set out en masse, (3)to highlight, to draw attention to godan, verb, vtrans
治す naosu (1)to cure, to heal, (2)to fix, to correct, to repair, (aux-v) (3)to do over again (after -masu base of verb), (4)to replace, to put back as it was, (5)to convert (into a different state), to tra godan, jlpt3, verb, vtrans
切る kiru (1)to cut (usu. to cut through)/ (2)to sever (connections, ties)/ (3)to turn off (i.e. the light)/ (4)to terminate (i.e. a conversation)/to hang up (the phone)/to disconnect/ (5)to punch (a ticket)/t godan, jlpt5, leda1, verb, vtrans
割く saku (1)to cut up, to cleave, to cut open (esp. the abdomen), (2)to spare (time, money, etc.), to use part of something, (3)(arch) to have a tattoo in the corner of one's eye godan, verb, vtrans
納める osameru (1)to dedicate, to make an offering, to pay (fees), (2)to supply, (3)to store, (4)to finish, to bring to a close, (5)to restore (something to its place), (6)to achieve (e.g. a result) ichidan, verb, vtrans
打ち消す učikesu (1)to deny/to contradict/ (2)to negate (esp. a sound)/to drown out/(P) godan, leda1, verb, vtrans
願う negau (1)to desire, to wish, to hope, (2)to beg, to request, to implore, to pray, (aux-v) (3)to have something done for oneself godan, verb, vtrans
見つける micukeru (1)to discover, to find (e.g. an error in a book), to come across, to detect, to spot, (2)to locate, to find (e.g. something missing), to find fault, (3)to be used to seeing, to be familiar with ichidan, jlpt3, jlpt4, verb, vtrans
流す nagasu (1)to drain, to pour, to spill, to shed (blood, tears), (2)to wash away, (3)to distribute (e.g. electricity over wires, music over a PA system, etc.), to circulate, to broadcast, to beam, (4)to cr godan, jlpt3, verb, vtrans
画く kaku (1)to draw, to paint, to sketch, (2)to depict, to describe; (3)to draw, to paint, to sketch godan, verb, vtrans
御す gjosu (1)to drive (e.g. horse, carriage), (2)to control, to manage godan, verb, vtrans
喫する kissuru (1)to eat, to drink, to smoke, to take, (2)to suffer (e.g. defeat), to receive a blow suru, vtrans
抱く idaku (1)to embrace, to hold in the arms (e.g. a baby), to hug, (2)to harbour (e.g. grudge) (harbor), to bear (e.g. a grudge), to entertain (e.g. suspicion); (v5k,vt) (3)to embrace, to hold in the arms ( godan, verb, vtrans
雇う jatou (1)to employ, (2)to hire, to charter godan, verb, vtrans
任せる makaseru (1)to entrust (e.g. a task) to another, to leave to, (2)to passively leave to someone else's facilities, (3)to leave to take its natural course, (4)to continue (something) in a natural fashion (wi ichidan, jlpt3, verb, vtrans
属する zokusuru (1)to entrust, (2)to send (a message, etc.); to belong to, to come under, to be affiliated with, to be subject to suru, vintrans, vtrans
抜く nuku (1)to extract, to omit, to surpass, to overtake, to draw out, to unplug, (suf) (2)to do something to the end, (n) (3)(sl) (vulg) to ejaculate (gen. with ref. to masturbation) godan, jlpt3, verb, vtrans
済ます sumasu (1)to finish, to get it over with, to conclude, (2)to settle, to pay back, (3)to get along (without something), to make do with (without) godan, jlpt3, verb, vtrans
終える oeru (1)to finish/ (2)to graduate/(P) ichidan, leda1, verb, vtrans
放つ hanacu (1)to fire (e.g. an arrow), to hit (e.g. baseball), to break wind, (2)to free, to release, (3)to give off (e.g. a scent), to emit (e.g. light) godan, verb, vtrans
浮かべる ukaberu (1)to float, (2)to express, to look (sad, glad), (3)to think, to imagine, to remember ichidan, verb, vtrans
飛ばす tobasu (1)to fly, to fire, to hurl, to launch, (2)to skip over, to omit, to drop (e.g. stitch), (3)to run or drive fast, to gallop, (4)to spread a rumour (rumor), to tell a story, (5)to remove, to get r godan, jlpt3, verb, vtrans
畳む tatamu (1)to fold (clothes), (2)to close (a shop), (3)to vacate godan, jlpt3, verb, vtrans
備える sonaeru (1)to furnish, to provide for, to equip, to install, (2)to have ready, to prepare for, (3)to possess, to have, to be endowed with, to be armed with ichidan, verb, vtrans
得る eru (1)to get, to acquire, to obtain, to procure, to earn, to win, to gain, to secure, to attain, (suf,v1,vt) (2)(after the -masu stem of a verb) to be able to ..., can ... ichidan, jlpt3, verb, vtrans
与える ataeru (1)to give (esp. to someone of lower status), to bestow, to grant, to confer, to present, to award, (2)to provide, to afford, to offer, to supply, (3)to assign, (4)to cause, (5)(comp) to pass (a ichidan, jlpt3, verb, vtrans
貫く curanuku (1)to go through, to pierce, to penetrate, (2)to persist, to stick to godan, verb, vtrans
治める osameru (1)to govern, to manage, (2)to subdue ichidan, verb, vtrans
叶える kanaeru (1)to grant (request, wish), to answer (prayer), (2)to fulfill (conditions), to meet (requirements) ichidan, verb, vtrans
伸ばす nobasu (1)to grow long (beard, hair, etc.), (2)to lengthen, to extend, to stretch, (3)to reach out, to hold out, (4)to straighten, to smooth out, (5)to spread evenly (dough, cream, etc.), (6)to dilute, godan, jlpt3, verb, vtrans
延ばす nobasu (1)to grow long (beard, hair, etc.), (2)to lengthen, to extend, to stretch, (3)to reach out, to hold out, (4)to straighten, to smooth out, (5)to spread evenly (dough, cream, etc.), (6)to dilute, godan, jlpt3, verb, vtrans
打つ ucu (1)to hit (something inanimate)/to strike/to beat (on something)/ godan, jlpt4, leda1, verb, vtrans
抱える kakaeru (1)to hold or carry under or in the arms, (2)to have (esp. problems, debts, etc.), (3)to employ, to engage, to hire ichidan, verb, vtrans
挟む hasamu (1)to insert, (2)to interrupt, to slip in a word, (3)to harbor (e.g. doubts), to harbour, to entertain (e.g. a theory); to interpose, to hold between, to insert godan, verb, vtrans
誘う sasou (1)to invite, to ask, to call (for), (2)to tempt, to lure, to induce godan, jlpt3, verb, vtrans
接ぐ cugu (1)to join, (2)to piece together, (3)to set (bones), (4)to graft (trees); to join (cloth, wood, etc.) godan, verb, vtrans
宿す jadosu (1)to keep (guest), (2)to conceive, (3)to carry (virus), (4)to entrust godan, verb, vtrans
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