SURU verbs (suru)

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外出する gaishutsusuru vyjít si, jít venleda1, suru, verb
きれいにする kireinisuru uklidit, porovnatsuru, verb
口止めする kuchidomesuru umlčetleda1, suru, verb
開店以来 kaiten irai od otevření obchodu (od založení)suru
文通する buntsuusuru dopisovat sileda1, suru, verb
起立する kiritsusuru postavit se, zvednout seleda1, suru, verb
引用する in'yousuru pítleda1, suru, verb
建立する konryuusuru vystavět, založit (chrám...)kami, leda1, suru, verb
熱中 necchuu nadšení, horlivost, zápaljlpt3, suru, verb
記入する kinyuusuru zapsat (se), zaznamenatleda1, suru, verb
実行する jikkousuru vykonat, provéstleda1, suru, verb
転校する tenkousuru přejít do jiné školy, změnit školugakkou, leda1, suru, verb
工作する kousakusuru stavět, budovatleda1, suru, verb
思考する shikousuru vážit, promýšlet, zvažovatleda1, suru, verb
交流 kouryuu (1)(cultural) exchange, interchange, interaction, (inter-) mingling, (social, etc.) networking, intercourse, (2)alternating current, AC suru
お願い onegai (1)(hon) request, wish, (int) (2)(abbr) please suru
疎通 sotsuu (1)(mutual) understanding, communication, (2)removal of blockage (esp. medical), drainage suru
すっきり sukkiri (1)(on-mim) clearly, refreshed, (2)shapely, neatly, refinedly, (3)cleanly, without trouble, (4)clearly, plainly, distinctly, (5)completely, thoroughly, (6)not at all (with negative sentence), no suru
ゆったり yuttari (1)(on-mim) comfortable, easy, calm, (2)loose, spacious suru
ぶらぶら burabura (1)(on-mim) dangling heavily, swaying to and fro, swinging, (adv,adv-to,vs) (2)(on-mim) strolling, rambling, roaming, wandering, (3)(on-mim) idly, lazily, leisurely, aimlessly, (4)(on-mim) persist onoma, suru
ぺこぺこ pekopeko (1)(on-mim) fawning, being obsequious, cringing, (2)being very hungry, (3)giving in, being dented onoma, suru
ぺらぺら perapera (1)(on-mim) fluent/fluency/ (2)flipping (pages)/ (3)thin or weak (paper, cloth)/(P) adj, suru
べらべら berabera (1)(on-mim) non-stop talking/speaking indiscreetly/chattering/ (2)thin/flimsy adj, onoma, suru
べたべた betabeta (1)(on-mim) sticky, (2)all over, (3)clinging (e.g. of a person), following around, (adj-na) (4)cliched, hackneyed onoma, suru
ごろごろ gorogoro (1)(on-mim) thunder, purring, grumbling (e.g. stomach), (2)something large and heavy starting to roll, (3)scattered about, (4)idleness, idle about, (5)having a foreign substance in (e.g. one's ey onoma, suru
ぼろぼろ boroboro (1)(on-mim) worn-out, torn, crumbling, tattered, (2)tears or grain of rice falling fuku, jlpt3, onoma, suru
ぼろぼろな boroborona (1)(on-mim) worn-out, torn, crumbling, tattered, (2)tears or grain of rice falling adj, jlpt3, onoma, suru
イメージ ime-ji (1)(one's) image, (2)(comp) (computer) image, (3)artist's impression jlpt3, suru, verb
留守 rusu (1)absence/being away from home/ (2)house-sitting/house-sitter/ (3)being left unattended to (of one's studies, etc.)/neglecting/(P) jlpt4, leda1, suru
買収 baishuu (1)acquisition (esp. corporate), buy-out, takeover, purchase, (2)corruption, bribery suru
解析 kaiseki (1)analysis, analytical study, (2)parsing, parse suru
動画 douga (1)animation, motion picture, moving image, video, (2)in-betweening (in anime) suru
紅葉 momiji (1)autumn colours, fall colors, leaves changing color (colour), (2)leaves turning red, red leaves; (3)autumn colours, fall colors, leaves changing color (colour), (n) (4)(Japanese) maple (Acer jap suru
紅葉 kouyou (1)autumn colours, fall colors, leaves changing color (colour), (2)leaves turning red, red leaves; (3)autumn colours, fall colors, leaves changing color (colour), (n) (4)(Japanese) maple (Acer jap suru
子守 komori (1)babysitter/nursemaid/ (2)babysitting/(P) leda1, suru
相当 soutou (1)befitting, becoming, worthy of, proportionate, in keeping with, suitable, (2)considerable, substantial, (vs) (3)to be worthy of, to be proportionate to, (4)to correspond to (in meaning, functio suru
終始 shuushi (1)beginning and end/from beginning to end/doing a thing from beginning to end/(adv) (2)consistently/the whole time/(P) leda1, suru
屈折 kussetsu (1)bending, indentation, (2)refraction, (3)inflection, (4)warping (e.g. of opinion, reasoning, etc.), distortion suru
改善 kaizen (1)betterment, improvement, (2)(uk) kaizen (Japanese business philosophy of continuous improvement) suru
歯止め hadome (1)brake, skid, pawl, (2)restraint, curtailment, self-imposed limit, check suru
呼吸 kokyuu (1)breath, respiration, (2)knack, trick, secret (of doing something) suru
呼び出し yobidashi (1)call, summons, (n) (2)sumo usher who calls the names of wrestlers, sweeps the ring, etc., (3)(abbr) telephone number at which a person without a telephone can be reached, (4)(arch) box-shaped a suru
留守番 rusuban (1)care-taking/house-sitting/house-watching/ (2)caretaker/house-sitter/(P) leda1, suru
閉門 heimon (1)closing of a gate, (2)(Edo-period) house confinement suru
一致 icchi (1)coincidence, agreement, union, match, (2)conformity, consistency, (3)cooperation suru
共通 kyoutsuu (1)commonness, community, (n-suf) (2)-wide jlpt3, suru
完成 kansei (1)complete, completion, (2)perfection, accomplishment jlpt3, suru
完了 kanryou (1)completion, conclusion, (n) (2)(ling) perfect (tense, form, aspect) suru
意識 ishiki (1)consciousness, (2)awareness, sense, (3)(Buddh) mano-vijnana (mental consciousness, cognizer of sensory information) suru
コンタクト kontakuto (1)contact, (2)(abbr) contact lens jlpt3, suru
自炊 jisui (1)cooking for oneself, (2)scanning a book or manga to create an ebook suru
協調 kyouchou (1)cooperation, conciliation, harmony, (2)firm (market) tone suru
横断 oudan (1)crossing, (adj-f) (2)transverse suru
交差 kousa (1)crossing, intersection, (2)(genetic) crossing over suru
歯磨き hamigaki (1)dental brushing, brushing one's teeth, (2)dentifrice, toothpaste, tooth powder suru
破壊 hakai (1)destruction, disruption, (2)(comp) (application) crash suru
展開 tenkai (1)development, evolution, unfolding, (2)expansion, deployment, building up suru
発展 hatten (1)development, growth, advancement, unfurling, (2)expansion, extension, enlargement, (3)playing around, having an active sex life suru
放流 houryuu (1)discharge (e.g. of water from a dam), (2)liberation, stocking (e.g. a river with fish) suru
解剖 kaibou (1)dissection, autopsy, (2)analysis suru
水切り mizukiri (1)drainer, strainer, colander, (2)cutwater, forefoot, flashing, throating, (3)(playing) ducks and drakes, stone skipping, skipping rocks, (4)snipping the stem of a cut flower without raising it o suru
短絡 tanraku (1)electric short-circuit, (2)drawing a hasty inference between two events, jumping to a quick conclusion, dealing with matters quickly and carelessly suru
使役 shieki (1)employing, using, setting to work, enslavement, (n) (2)(ling) causative (verb, etc.) suru
登場 toujou (1)entry (on stage)/appearance (on screen)/ (2)entrance/introduction (into a market)/(P) suru
設定 settei (1)establishment, creation, (2)(comp) options or preference settings (in computer software), configuration, assignment, setup suru
設置 secchi (1)establishment, institution, (2)installation (of a machine or equipment) suru
確立 kakuritsu (1)establishment, settlement, (vs) (2)to establish, to settle suru
発掘 hakkutsu (1)excavation, exhumation, (2)discovery (e.g. new talent) suru
言い訳 iiwake (1)excuse, (2)explanation suru
表現 hyougen (1)expression, presentation, (2)(math) representation, notation suru
延長 enchou (1)extension, elongation, prolongation, lengthening, (n) (2)Enchou era (923.4.11-931.4.26) suru
開花 kaika (1)flowers budding, blooming, flowering, (2)showing results, becoming popular, blooming suru
乗馬 jouba (1)horse riding/(n) (2)riding horse/saddle horse/(P) leda1, sport, suru
観念 kannen (1)idea, notion, conception, (2)sense (e.g. of duty), (3)resignation, preparedness, acceptance, (4)(Buddh) observation and contemplation suru
上達 joutatsu (1)improvement, advance, progress, (2)communication of opinions of the general populace to those of high rank suru
アップ appu (1)increasing (eng: up), (n,vs) (2)(abbr) uploading, (n) (3)(abbr) close-up, (n,vs) (4)(abbr) finishing shooting (of a film, etc.), (n) (5)up (i.e. of a woman's hair), (6)being up (i.e. leading jlpt3, suru
反映 han'ei (1)influence, (vs) (2)to apply, to implement, (n) (3)reflection suru
対応 taiou (1)interaction, correspondence, coping with, dealing with, support, (2)(comp) software support, ability of a computer system to run specific software suru
発行 hakkou (1)issue (publications), publishing, (2)raising an event (software) suru
殺生 sesshou (1)killing, destruction of life, (adj-na) (2)barbarous, callous, brutal, cruel suru
飛躍 hiyaku (1)leaping, activity, (2)leapfrog (over a problem), making a leap (e.g. in logic), (3)making great strides, making rapid progress, (4)emerging, (5)becoming active, playing an active part suru
融通 yuuzuu (1)lending (money), finance, (2)adaptability, versatility, flexibility, accommodation; (3)lending (money), finance, (4)adaptability, versatility, flexibility, accommodation suru
労働 roudou (1)manual labor, manual labour, toil, work, (2)(abbr) Labour Party shigoto, suru
対偶 taiguu (1)married couple, (2)(math) contraposition suru
肉食 nikushoku (1)meat eating/eating of meat/meat diet/(adj-f) (2)carnivorous/(P) leda1, suru
会合 kaigou (1)meeting, assembly, (2)(chem) association, (3)(astronomical) conjunction suru
記憶 kioku (1)memory, recollection, remembrance, (2)storage suru
ミス misu (1)mistake, error, failure, (n) (2)Miss, (3)myth jlpt3, suru
金貸し kanekashi (1)moneylending, (n) (2)moneylender suru
転々 tenten (1)moving from place to place, being passed around repeatedly, (2)rolling about suru
否定 hitei (1)negation, denial, repudiation, (2)(comp) NOT operation suru
手抜き tenuki (1)omitting crucial steps, cutting corners, skimping, (2)intentional negligence suru
錯覚 sakkaku (1)optical illusion, hallucination, (2)misapprehension, delusion suru
命令 meirei (1)order, command, decree, directive, (2)(comp) (software) instruction, statement suru
組織 soshiki (1)organization/organisation/ (2)structure/construction/ (3)tissue/ (4)system/(P) leda1, suru
パック pakku (1)pack, (2)puck suru
浸透 shintou (1)permeation, penetration, soaking, (2)osmosis suru
私用 shiyou (1)personal use, (2)private business suru
中毒 chuudoku (1)poisoning, (n-suf) (2)addiction byouki, suru
交番 kouban (1)police box/(n,adj-f) (2)alternation/alternating (e.g. current)/(P) jlpt5, leda1, suru
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