onomatope (onoma)

Number of vocabulary: 38
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しゅしゅぽぽ shushupopo zvuk vlakuonoma
ずっこんばっこん zukkonbakkon zvuk při sexuonoma
ニャニャ nyanya mňau, mňau (mňoukání)onoma
ニャンニャン nyannyan mňau, mňau (mňoukání)onoma
コケコッコ kokekokko kokodák (kdákání)onoma
ポツポツ potsupotsu kap, kap, kapání vodyonoma
バンバン banban bang, zvuk střelbyonoma
ドカン dokan buch, výbuchonoma
ワイワイ waiwai zvuk hrajících si dětíonoma
ペコペコ pekopeko kručení v břišeonoma
いらいら iraira nervózní, podrážděnýjlpt3, onoma
ぎりぎり girigiri (1)(on-mim) at the last moment, just barely, (2)grinding sound jlpt3, onoma
ワンワン wanwan (1)(on-mim) bow-wow (barking sound)/arf arf/woof/bark/ (2)(on-mim) waah-waah (crying sound)/ (3)(on-mim) clamouring/clamoring/echoing/(n) (4)(chn) a bow-wow (i.e. a dog)/doggy onoma
ぶらぶら burabura (1)(on-mim) dangling heavily, swaying to and fro, swinging, (adv,adv-to,vs) (2)(on-mim) strolling, rambling, roaming, wandering, (3)(on-mim) idly, lazily, leisurely, aimlessly, (4)(on-mim) persist onoma, suru
ぺこぺこ pekopeko (1)(on-mim) fawning, being obsequious, cringing, (2)being very hungry, (3)giving in, being dented onoma, suru
べらべら berabera (1)(on-mim) non-stop talking/speaking indiscreetly/chattering/ (2)thin/flimsy adj, onoma, suru
パチパチ pachipachi (1)(on-mim) pleasant clapping sound/ (2)sound of something hot bursting open (i.e. popcorn)/ (3)incessant blinking/(P) onoma
べたべた betabeta (1)(on-mim) sticky, (2)all over, (3)clinging (e.g. of a person), following around, (adj-na) (4)cliched, hackneyed onoma, suru
ごろごろ gorogoro (1)(on-mim) thunder, purring, grumbling (e.g. stomach), (2)something large and heavy starting to roll, (3)scattered about, (4)idleness, idle about, (5)having a foreign substance in (e.g. one's ey onoma, suru
ぼろぼろ boroboro (1)(on-mim) worn-out, torn, crumbling, tattered, (2)tears or grain of rice falling fuku, jlpt3, onoma, suru
ぼろぼろな boroborona (1)(on-mim) worn-out, torn, crumbling, tattered, (2)tears or grain of rice falling adj, jlpt3, onoma, suru
きちっと kichitto (on-mim) exactly, perfectlyonoma
ほっと hotto (on-mim) feeling relieved, (sigh of) reliefjlpt3, onoma, suru
ぴかぴか pikapika (on-mim) glitter/sparkle/(P)onoma
ぎょろぎょろ gyorogyoro (on-mim) goggling, rolling (one's eyes)onoma, suru
ザーザー za-za- (on-mim) heavy rainfall/(P)onoma
くるくる kurukuru (on-mim) like a small spinning object, winding up a long string, etc.onoma, suru
ぎゅうぎゅう gyuugyuu (on-mim) packing in tightly, creaking leather, door, etc.onoma
ケロケロ kerokero (on-mim) ribbit (frog sound)onoma
ばらばら barabara (on-mim) scattered, disperse, loose, disconnected, in pieces, in drops, rustlingjlpt3, onoma, suru
ぐっすり gussuri (on-mim) sound asleep, fast asleepjlpt3, onoma
ぺたぺた petapeta (on-mim) sound of a flat surface repeatedly making contact with somethingonoma
とぼとぼ tobotobo (on-mim) totteringly, trudginglyonoma
ふらふら furafura (on-mim) unsteady on one's feet, stagger, reel, totter, dizzyonoma, suru
びっしょり bisshori (on-mim) wet through/drenched/(P)onoma
ぴょんぴょん pyonpyon hopping/skipping/(P)onoma
擬声語 giseigo onomatopeonoma
フワア fuwaa sound of yawnonoma