counters (counter)

Number of vocabulary: 18
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~才 sai numerativ pro věkcounter, leda1
~歩 ho numerativ pro krokycounter, leda1
~頭 tou numerativ pro velká zvířatacounter, leda1
kurai (1)place, rank, (2)decimal place, (3)counter for ghosts; (4)throne, crown, (nobleman's) seat, (5)government position, court rank, (6)social standing, rank, class, echelon, rung, (n) (7)grade (o counter
kaku (n,n-suf) picture, drawing, painting, sketch; stroke (of a kanji, etc.); picture, drawing, painting, sketchcounter
~人 ~nin ~person, counter for peoplecounter, jlpt5
~匹 ~hiki counter for animals, fish, insectscounter, jlpt5
~羽 ba,wa counter for birds and rabbitscounter, leda1
wa counter for birds and rabbitscounter, jlpt3
~杯 ~hai counter for cups, glasses, spoonfulscounter, jlpt5
~本 ~hon counter for long, cylindrical objectscounter, jlpt5
~台 ~dai counter for machines, stand, rest, rackcounter, jlpt5
~個 ~ko counter for small objects, piece(s), item(s)counter, jlpt5
~冊 ~satsu counter for volumes, copiescounter, jlpt5
助数詞 josuushi countersbunpou, counter
~局 kyoku one game (checkers, etc.)counter
~枚 ~mai sheet, page, piece, counter for thin, flat objectscounter, jlpt5