continue, series, sequel
zoku, shoku, kou, kyou, tsudu.ku, tsudu.keru, tsugu.nai, tsugu
Main radical: 糸 (120) Radicals:
Z variant:
Strokes: 13 Jouyou: 4 JIS: 16947
Stroke order: picture (png) | animation (svg) | table (svg)
続編 zokuhen continuation, sequelmix
連続関数 renzokukansuu continuous functionmath
手続 tetsuduki procedure, (legal) process, formalitiessuru
続き tsuduki sequel, continuation, (also suffix) continuation (in time and space), second series, succession, spelljlpt3
連続 renzoku serial, consecutive, continuity, occurring in succession, continuingsuru
相続 souzoku succession, inheritancesuru
続々 zokuzoku successively, one after anothermix
続く tsuduku to continue (to be the case), to keep upgodan, jlpt3, jlpt4, verb, vintrans
続ける tsudukeru to continue, to go on, to followichidan, jlpt3, jlpt4, verb, vtrans
仕事は日が暮れても続いていた shigotohanigakuretemotsuzuiteita anglicky